“Win,lose or draw”

If you have been listening to the media or some of the fans on the phone in’s you would be fooled into thinking our club is the team in crisis as opposed to our rivals.

Yes, Celtic’s 27-game unbeaten run came to an end at the weekend with a 1-0 cup final defeat to Kilmarnock.

But, losing to Kilmarnock is being looked upon as a disgrace. Really? I am certain past performances against the likes of Ross County in 2011, or Inverness CT at the end of last season are the type of performances that can be deemed a “disgrace”. Getting beat from the side that were 3-0 up against us at half time this season, have already beaten Rangers both home and away, and never conceded on the way to winning this year League Cup, is not.

Luck was not ours to be had on Sunday. We were presented with a goalkeeper on brilliant form, and deservedly won man of the match. We missed chances that should have been taken, unlike Kilmarnock who took the chance when it was theirs to take. Our magnificent domestic run was bound to end at some point; it’s just disappointing that it came in the final.

The team went 27 games unbeaten, 20 of those games were in the SPL, which is an astonishing turn-around from the start of the season. Sunday was only the fourth time that Celtic had failed to score this season. Yes, only the fourth time. The unbeaten run came to an end from an enormous deflection.

Yet, the squad is still getting heavily criticised.

Perhaps the recent streak of wins did encourage some sort of arrogance within the team or a sense of entitlement to the League Cup. Who knows. What is clear though, is that complacency is not acceptable in a Celtic team who are about to lift the title.

Everybody knows we need to regain form. Next Sunday is the perfect time to find it and get us back to the winning performances that made us this years worthy champions.


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